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     Welcome to my website, Witching Time!

     Hello! I go by the name Mab SoulTamer and I am a Solitary, Eclectic, using the Wiccan-based Version Studies, Witch Practitioner. I began my Magickal and Spiritual Journey to learn as much as I could about Wicca, Paganism and especially Witchcraft.

     I began to research all kinds of books about the whole Pagan thing. I researched internet sites and I joined many different online chat groups. I attended classes at a local metaphysical shop as well as attended and completed a few different online courses.

    I want to share my thoughts and experiences with those others who are like minded with similar interests. I am not an initiate of any group or coven, not initiated but I am spiritual and very dedicated.

     Thank you! Blessings,Mab, the Web Witch and Old Crone!

Updated: 30 Jan., 2019