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You can contact this ole crone by e-mail at: mabthewitch@gmail.com. I can't wait to hear from you...

Hi! I'm your Hostess! Just call me Mab ...

Please Note: By law, I am required to state that all those items that were mentioned about my practice or items offered that I can make, do or perform are for entertainment purposes only.



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I am the Priestess of Hestia in the Fellowship of Isis.

     I specialize in Distance Crystal Reiki Attunements and Healing for people and pets. I make Spell Items such as Mini Witch Bottles, create Mini Trees of Life, make Spirit Dolls, Palmistry, Tarot Reading and much more and I will be posting my diy instructions on how to do them. And you can do all these things too. I'll be posting some DIY things that you can create, make, practice, etc. Oh, and you don't have to be a priestess to do any of these things. But I did have a great teacher!

     How Distance Crystal Reiki Attunements and Healing work:

     Life force energy consists of billions of tiny particles that move throughout the universe faster than the speed man is able to record and it is what holds all things together. It knows no bounds of time or space. Therefore it can be directed through time and space, much like electricity. So it is with Distance Crystal Reiki Healing. In Distant Crystal Reiki Attunements or Healing, it is the healer's focused intent to send energy to the client, and it is that person’s willingness to receive it, that allows it to work. It is being dispersed like an electrical charge directly to the client.

     It's not much different than an 'in person' session, other than you and your client can both be in the comfort of your own homes. For example, I gather crystals and stones in a crystal grid, sit in a special room, and offer healing by using energy healing and other tools. You can make contact by text, e-mail, chats or skype/facetime with me for these sessions. I can help you get started so you can do your own healing, your way.

     Blessings,Mab, the Web Witch and Old Crone!

Updated: 7 Oct., 2020