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About Me...
If you wish to contact Mab SoulTamer, my e-mail address is: mabthewitch@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you...

I am the Priestess of Hestia in the Fellowship of Isis.

Who am I?

     I was actually raised by my Catholic grandmother when I lived in Germany as a child. My 'Oma" was a devout Catholic and expected the same of me. I didn't conform however, I did participate and go along with what it was I was supposed to do. Back then it was what you did.

     When I came back to America, things were different, well sorta. My mother was getting a divorce from my real dad and she had been dating a United States Army officer. He was the son of a Presbyterian minister. My real dad was a Master Sergeant in the United States Army and he was also raised Catholic. Again, I did not conform, however I did what was expected of me.

     I didn’t understand the double talk about their different ideas and I had a hard time believing some of the things I had been taught about Catholisism. Some of the things just didn’t make sense to me. All religions have good things and then there are also those things that seem to stretch the realm of belief a bit - at least it seemed so to me.

     I spent many years and a lot of time knowing that there was something out there for me but it took time, researching and understanding as I grew older and a little more experienced. I spent more time looking for something and even more time reading, studying and searching, until I found the path that made my spirit feel content and satisfied. Well, it's not exactly Wicca, but some of the stuff I did borrow and conform it to my Belief System.

     Long before I started digging into Wicca and Witchcraft, I decided that I could do things on my own, such as create my own altar; choose my own deities; celebrate the Sabbats and Esbats; write my own sermons which in fact are my rituals and so much more that I began discovering the more I delved into Witchcraft. I should be able to celebrate holidays that have true meaning to me and may even relate to my German ancestry, thus I started celebrating my personal family holiday traditions. And as I progressed more and more into my studies and practice, there was so much more that I have been able to accomplish all on my own.

     I am finally at a place in my life where I want to be. I am comfortable with myself.

Updated: 30 Jan., 2019