Updated: 28 May, 2019

These Crystal Grids I keep activated daily. As I pass by them I scan over them with my hand. I may change a crystal layout to suit the needs for healing or ritual using the above grid.

The lower double decker (left is a close up of the upper deck) as I call it, I keep pretty well the same crystals for about a month and it is set up permanently.

About once a month, I may change out the crystals as to whatever may be needed.

How I set up my Flower of Life Crystal Grid

     A Crystal Grid should always have a central crystal that is important to the user.  The intent can be written out on paper and placed under the center crystal.

     The next row of crystals in the grid should be those that amplify or draw energy in to or out of the center, such as any type of Crystal Points, Clear Quartz or higher energy crystals. However, there is no limit to how a grid can be built.

     If using a crystal point, I like to have the point facing inward so it is drawing energy from the Universe into the grid. There are those who prefer to have it pointing outward, to connect the intent of the central stone to Universal energy. Trying different combinations and different ways until your grid feels right for you. Always remember, there is no right or wrong, only what works for you!

     The next row of crystals can be placed in a North, South, East or West position to honor the elements and directional energies. Continue building the grid out from there.

     The third row of crystals around the grid can represent what is being manifested.

     The fourth row of crystals around the edge of the grid can provide a circle of protection. Follow the grid layout by placing the crystals or gemstones on the joints of the flower to help them connect with each other.

     The most important thing about the grid is the intent used while setting it up. Hold the crystals and visualize what you are trying to manifest. You can send energy, love, peace, or healing to the earth, or out to the universe, for that matter.

     Once you have your grid set up and are satisfied with it, then you will need to activate the grid. Do this by passing your hand over the grid in a circular clockwise motion. Imagine the energy connecting from one crystal to the next while instructing the grid to ‘Activate’.  For example, say: “This will manifest for the highest good of all".

     Then place your grid in an area of the house where it won’t get knocked around or disturbed.

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A few Common Stones to use for your Grid:

A Clear Quartz Cluster is a perfect center piece for a grid.

Confidence: Tiger’s Eye or Citrine

Mental Clarity: Lapis Lazuli, Blue Kyanite or Blue Obsidian

Healing: Malachite or Apophyllite

Relationships: Rose Quartz or Rhodocrosite

Financial Prosperity or Abundance: Citrine or Jade

Spiritual Development: Amethyst, Clear Quartz or Danburite

Transformation: Moldavite or Labradorite

     Remember, that you can place any stones that you have collected and resonate with, on your grids. If you find stones with different colors, those are ideal too, just look up the color correspondence,  you can even paint your stones.

     If you want your grid to self cleanse or charge itself, use Blue Kyanite or Natural Citrine as this will help keep the energy positive and stable. The more focus, energy and intent you send toward your grid on a daily basis, the longer it will stay active. You might want to take your grid down once a month or so to recharge it and reset it. When crystals get moved around, more can be added or some can be taken away. It’s a good thing as the energies do not remain stagnant and they are always changing, so your grid will evolve as this is necessary to stay aligned with your intent.

     If you resonate with the Moon and lunar energy, set up your grid at the New Moon and then it can be left for a whole moon cycle. The New Moon designates “New Beginnings”.

A sample of a simple grid:

Updated: 7Oct., 2020

Crystals & Grids...

Together, we are connected by things we do and love...

The Flower of Life Crystal Grid...

     To print this crystal grid, copy and paste into a publishing program and enlarge it to fit on a 8-1/2" by 11" piece of paper. Then print it. If you wish to decorate the grid, just color in the flowers or however you want it to look.

Updated: 30 Jan., 2019