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     For Wiccans who work more with the elements, it’s always good to have representatives of the actual elements on the altar: Sand, soil, a bowl of salt or even a potted plant to represent Earth; A feather or incense for Air; A Candle or lamp for Fire; A bowl of water for Water. However, it’s not

totally necessary as the five primary altar tools represent the elements also.

   North - Earth
    Color: Brown, Dark Green
    Plant: Thrift
    Archangel: Auriel
    Elementals: Gnomes
    Elemental King: Ghob or Gheb
    Zodiac signs: Virgo, Capricorn & Taurus
    Tarot Suite: Pentacles
    Planet: Uranus
    Holy Creature(s): Winged Bull & Stag
    Apocalyptic Symbol: Famine on a Black Horse
    Key words: Wealth, Abundance, Fertility, Mystery.

    East - Air
     Color: Pale Yellow
     Plant: Aspen
     Archangel: Raphael
     Elementals: Sylphs
     Elemental King: Paralda
     Zodiac Signs: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
     Tarot Suite: Swords
     Planet: Mercury
     Holy Creature(s): Eagle
     Apocalyptic Symbol: Victory with a Crown and holding a Bow, riding a White Horse.
     Key words: Mind, Knowledge, Intellect, Communication, Dawn, Spring, Beginnings, Decision.

     South - Fire
     Color: Red, Gold or Orange
     Plant: Nettle
     Archangel: Michael
     Elementals: Salamanders
     Elemental King: Djinn
     Zodiac signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
     Tarot Suite: Wands
     Planet: Sun
     Holy Creature(s): Lion
    Apocalyptic Symbol: War holding a Sword and Riding on a Red Horse
    Key words: Energy, Courage, Willpower.

    West - Water
     Color: Blue & Silver
     Plant: All Water Plants
     Archangel: Gabriel
     Elementals: Undines
     Elemental King: Niksa or Necksa
     Zodiac signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
     Tarot Suite: Cups
     Planet: Moon
     Holy Creature(s): Humankind
     Apocalyptic Symbol: Death on a Cream Colored Horse
     Key words: Emotion, Inner Self, Pleasure, Sunset, Dsk, Autumn, Initiation, Astral Plane.

   Spirit - The Center - Everywhere
     Color: Pure Brilliant White
     Plant: None
     Archangel: None
     Elementals: None
     Elemental King: None
     Zodiac signs: The Complete Zodiac
     Tarot Suite: Major Acarna
     Planet: None
     Holy Creature(s): Spinx
     Apocalyptic Symbol: None
     Key words: Transformation.

A new way on how I have been placing the elements and why...
    Recently, I changed my altar setup for a few rituals to see how it feels. I put Air in the North direction and Earth in the East direction. It can be a bit confusing at first. I’m still working on some aspects such as the placement of other correspondences.

    So,  if Air is in the North direction, where do I place the Angels, the planets, the Zodiac signs, the Tarot suites and so on? Same goes for the Earth in the East Direction. Any comments would be welcome. Below I listed a couple of reasons why I am experimenting with this new setup...

     When you look at a typical map, north (the cardinal direction) is at the top.  Any north–south
road is a vertical line, and any east–west road is a horizontal line.   Likewise, a “map” of a magic Circle makes the vertical north–south axis masculine (with air and fire), while the horizontal east–west axis is feminine (earth and water).   This makes logical sense.  When we look at the horizon of the Earth, we see a horizontal line.  Water also seeks a horizontal plane.  Feminine elements, considered “passive”, have a natural tendency to “lay down”.  Fire, on the other hand, always assumes an erect or vertical position.  Air, too, can rise upward, as earth and water cannot.   Masculine elements, being “active”, have a natural tendency to “stand up”.

    11. ALTAR TOOLS:
     In modern Witchcraft, there are four principal altar tools, the same four tools shown on the
tarot card, the Magician.  They also correspond to the four tarot suits, the four ancient treasures
of Ireland, and the Four Hallows of Arthurian legend.  And, like the four elements, two of them
are feminine and two of them are masculine.  The pentacle is a shallow dish inscribed with a
pentagram, representing earth, and is here placed in the east.  The womb-shaped chalice, sym-bolizing water, is placed in the west.  They form the horizontal feminine axis.  The phallic-
shaped wand, representing fire, is placed in the south.  And the equally phallic-shaped athame
is placed in the north.  They form the vertical masculine axis.  (The gender associations of cup
and blade are especially emphasized in the ritual blessing of wine.)


Updated: 7 Sep., 2016