Q. Do Wiccans try to convert people to their religion?
A. No.   Wiccans don't proselytize.

Q. Does one have to renounce another religion, or desecrate another religion's symbols, to become Wiccan?
A. No.   Wiccans want to co-exist. Wiccans believe that there are many paths to follow. Each one has the right to choose.

Q. Are male witches called "warlocks?"
A. No. "Warlock" comes from an old Scottish word waerloga which means "oath-breaker." It's actually an insult. That being said, however, there are many who prefer to be called a warlock and they have that right to choose.

Q. Does Wicca have ancient origins?
A. Sorta yes.   Modern Wicca dates back to the 1950's. However, its core principles and concepts go back thousands of years.

Q. Do Wiccans worship Satan?
A. No. Wiccans do not believe in satan or the devil. Satan or the devil are Christian, Jewish and Moslem concepts.

Q. Do Wiccans cast spells that place curses on people?
A. The core principle of Wicca is "An harm none."

Q. Can I be both a Wiccan and a Christian?
A. No. It’s not because of Wicca but the problem is with the God of the Bible, who presides over Christianity, and will not allow any other gods before him.

Q. What is the threefold law?
A. It’s kinda like Karma. Whatever you do or give, comes back to you, times three.

Q. Do Wiccans believe in Reincarnation?
A. Most believe that after you die, you spend some time in Summerland and then you return to complete your original mission whatever it was, back here on earth, until it is completed or done right.

Updated: 22 Sep., 2020




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