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   First, let me describe what I feel is the difference between Wicca and Witchcraft: Wicca is a religion whereas Witchcraft is a practice. So now, what is the difference between a religion and a practice?

    A religion is a spiritual belief system, such as Christianity, Islam, or Wicca that is based on the worship of deities and/or spirits. A practice is something that is done, such as prayer, meditation, or magick. So therefore, magick is a practice or better known as a craft and Wicca is a religion.  And because Witchcraft is a practice and not a religion, one can be a member of just about any religion and also practice witchcraft.

    The only thing left for me to do is to find my own way around the Spirituality I was looking for. Studying as a Wiccan-based Version Witch Practitioner, I began to relate to nature worship as a religion that is deserving of loving and caring, solemn reverence, deep respect, and honor which is based on natural forces, events that are not man-made such as the weather, fog, thunder, tornadoes; erosion and other natural disasters such as flooding, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.


    My Wiccan-based Version may be considered an Earth religion which covers any religion that worships the earth, nature, or fertility goddesses and gods. I often select Goddesses and / or Gods from the many Pantheons that I feel are particularly inspiring for a particular event and intent required and then use those Deities as a focus for my personal rituals and magick as needed. I do not bow down to any goddesses or gods because I consider them to have been humans that once walked this earth like you and me. I do not worship deities as most other religions do, instead, I am using the special attributes that I desire of that deity and I align myself to that deity for that purpose during my ritual or celebration.

     Well, in conclusion, I practice both. I do the religious part by doing meditation, prayers and rituals to honor the Goddess and God as well as Witchcraft practice; I do my Magick which includes Crystal Grid Healing, making Magickal Bottles and so on...

     However, in the same token, the following also apply to my Wiccan-based Version practice:

   #1.  I do not believe in "the Devil or Satan". I do not believe in Purgatory or Hell where you either burn for a time and then go to heaven, or you stay and are permanently burned.

   #2.  I also believe that when we die, our souls or spirits are what is left and the rest of the body returns to the earth and as such is not really gone. I believe in a place similar to
Summerland where the soul can go on living forever or rest for a time and be reincarnated or re-born, if there is a need for us again in the universe.
     I believe we all have the opportunity to come back and strive harder the next time till our lessons here on this earth are learned and done. Then we are able to return as a new life form, be it part of the universe, the stars, whatever.

   #3.  I practice Magick. I use my thought energy similar to when I was a child by wishing for something so hard that it eventually came true, well most of the time. Think about it - haven't you wished for something so hard and it did come true?

         I believe thought energy is a natural force which surrounds all living things. I mentally focus and direct my thought energy for the purpose of healing, protecting, aiding or whatever. I have a collection of magickal rituals and old lore, in my Book of Shadows. I am continuously adding new materials to help me in my never ending quest for  knowledge and I also use it as a way to look back for references that I may need.

Updated: 29 Jan., 2019

My Practices and Behavioral Standards:

  -  I most definitely regard all living things as Sacred.

   - I am not a vegetarian. In my own way, I do give thanks to the creatures that have sacrificed their lives so that I may be able to eat and survive. I feel that all creatures need to survive, therefore, practice some type of self-defense also.

    - I believe if someone intends to negatively harm me, I may send that negativity back to where
it came from.

    - I celebrate the eight Sabbats in honor of our ancestors who celebrated the changes of the growing seasons.

    - I also perform rituals at each Esbat, new or full moon. I believe the moon to have powerful energy as it can move all the bodies of water on earth through its gravitational pull causing the tides to ebb and flow.

    - I practice my "Magick" whenever I feel there is a need for healing, protecting or celebrating, usually at a New Moon or Full Moon or whenever the need should arise.

Updated: 29 Jan., 2019

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