Top left, cabinets screwed on the wall, added glass knobs on top and glued a dragon on each with double sided sticky tape (in case I want to change them out). Middle photo shows well stocked Witch's Apothecary cabinets, potion bottles and all. The clock was so plain, so we added an old castle picture I printed off the internet and tack glued it to the face (just in case I might get tired of that picture) - and if you look very carefully at the clock, you'll see a witch flying on her broom.

Far left are the parts for the cabinets and left, the plans.

The photo left, shows the walls and backs cut out for the Witch Apothecary cabinets. Below, the outer walls glued together.

Here's my hubby (photos above) glueing the backs to the sides and also glueing the shelves into place.

Top left and middle photos are close ups to get a better idea of what's in the cabinets. Photo on the right is me, sharing the credit for what my hubby built mostly but I did design them.

If you need instructions, just send me an e-mail. When I get more efficient with my video cam, I'll start posting videos too.

Two coats of black satin paint, (left) and after that dried, the doors (right)  were fitted back on with the latches then screwed and glued in place.

Left, the dividers are drying and right the hinges are screwed to the plexiglass doors, carefully leaving the film on the doors not to scratch them.

Making A Witch's Apothecary Cabinets

Below are photos of my Witch's Apothecary Cabinets.

   So, these Apothecary Cabinets are made with 1/4" plywood. My hubby, Dave, did most of the work - he sawed and measured and cut and glued and painted and screwed all the pieces together and even hung the completed cabinets on the wall for me.

Updated: 23 Feb., 2018

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