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Listed below are the sources for the information used to prepare and update this website. Some links may no longer be active today.

Disclaimer: By reading this, it is understood that this disclaimer has been read and the reader understands that the purpose of this site is for general information only. Although we do not discriminate because of age remember that persons under the age of 18 are still under the control of their legal guardians and may be removed if their guardian so requests. We do not claim any liability to any person, arising directly, or indirectly from the use of or from any errors or omissions in the information within these pages and/or links. It is greatly advised to read and verify any products prior to purchase or use. The application of any information is at the discretion of the individual, and is their sole responsibility.

It is believed that all information gathered here is from public domain. Little in Wicca is truly original, most of what is available was written by Gerald Gardner or Doreen Valiente in the middle of the twentieth century, much of which was sworn to secrecy and nothing much was recorded or passed on directly. Since then many writers have rewritten what are called “original texts”, and added their own to it.  Some text and graphics on this site are original,  while others are from the
"Public Domain". It is not our intention to use anything on this site if it is yours; and if it is yours, we will gladly take it off or keep it on this site and give you full credit for creating it.  Blessed Be!

Website sources...

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Updated: 17 Sep., 2016