Welcome to Witching Time!

     This is my own little website and I

go by Mab SoulTamer and you can

read more about me on the About

page.. I have been studying and

practicing since 2006 and I have

learned and experienced so much over that time. I considered myself to be a Solitary, Eclectic, Wiccan-based practitioner, Witch. I practice my style of Magick, Reiki Crystal Healing and much more. I research and read about everything I can and I want to help you so that you can be your own "do it yourself" Witch!

     I attended classes at a local metaphysical shops as well as completing a few different online courses and watched a lot of youtube . I have certificates for those different types of Healing Modalities mentioned above and other Spirit related healings, etc. I am not an initiate of any group or coven, not initiated but I am a very spiritual and highly dedicated person.

     There isn't any particular training required to be a Witch. So I've created some DIY things anyone interested in learning about the practice of Witchcraft and how to reach  your own Spirituality, just join me here.

     Thank you! Blessings,Mab, the Web Witch and Old Crone!

Updated: 1 Mar., 2020

Please Note:

I am currently updating my website. Sorry for the inconvenience. It won't be long now. You can still text or e-mail at 'mabthewitch@gmail.com' if you have any questions.



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