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     Welcome to Witching Time!

     I go by Mab SoulTamer and I would

like very much to share my practices

with anyone who is interested. I have

been studying and practicing since

2006 and have learned and

experienced so much

over that time. I am considered to be a Solitary, Eclectic, Wiccan-based practitioner, Witch. I practice Magick, Reiki Crystal Healing and much more.

     I have also added studying Hermeticism which is an Ancient Spiritual, Philosophical, and Magickal Tradition. It is a Path of Spiritual Growth and I never want to stop experiencing and learning.

     I have attended classes at a local metaphysical shops as well as completing a few different online courses. I have certificates for these different types of Healing Modalities and other Spirit related healings, etc. I am not an initiate of any group or coven, not initiated but I am a very spiritual and highly dedicated person.

     Thank you! Blessings,Mab, the Web Witch and Old Crone!

Updated: 22 Jun., 2019


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